Why Boiler Treatment

Catalytic 3G Aqua - Enriches Precious Water

The Future of Water Conditioning

On studying the detailed Boiler system, Water treatment facilities available and its functioning , the treatment is recommended so as to achieve to the following objectives specific to the Boiler details.

  • To inhibit the precipitation and subsequent deposition of water borne salts in the Boiler system metallurgy.
  • To prevent the Boiler system metallurgy from corrosive attack.
  • To ensure environmentally acceptable Boiler Blow down water discharge.
  • Prevention of corrosion in the condensate return line.
  • Greater water conservation by way of effective and efficient blow down.
  • Longer equipment life with consistent efficiency and reduced down time.
  • Prevention of erosion / corrosion of transfer lines.
  • Prevention of corrosion due to low pH feed water.
  • To eliminate over heating of boiler system metallurgy hence its deformation.
  • On the site technical service backup so as to fine tune the chemical application vis-à-vis the process on daily basis in order to economize the cost and to ensure consistent efficiency.

Product Description

Chemical formulations are carefully designed for internal treatment of boiler water. Advanced polymer technology is used along with organo- inorganic chemicals to take care of various problems of corrosion and scaling commonly found in industrial boilers. It is also possible to reduce energy losses by cutting down the blow down. Specific formulations are designed to suit different boiler designs and feed water conditions.