Catalytic 3G AQUA – 131 BIOCIDE FOR COOLING TOWER – A versatile, environment friendly, water to pale chemical in liquid form, to be used in stock doses against existing bio matter and in diminishing order to prevent further growth which may cause

fouling and choking of the cooling system hence economical.

Catalytic 3G AQUA – 132 CORROSION INHIBITOR & SCALE PREVENTIVE – The most efficient cost effective organo – phosphate based non viscous, water white to pale clear liquid used for corrosion preventive and slidge conditioning of cooling water system.

Catalytic 3G AQUA – 133 A COMPLETE TREATMENT FOR COOLING WATER AND OTHER RECIRCULATING SYSTEM. The multifaceted action of the formulation, based on selected organic inorganic chelating agents along with polymeric dispersant and aromatic azoles, PREVENTS SCALE FORMATION, ELIMINATES MICRO ORGANISMS, RETARDS BIO GROWTH, INHIBITS YELLOW METAL and FERROUS CORROSION, It provides a complete cost effective treatment cooling water system. The auto degradable properties of the majority of the ingredients of the ingredients make it environment friendly and odorless.

  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 134 Corrosion inhibitor (For close loop systems)
  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 135 Corrosion inhibitor (Yellow metal protection)
  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 136 Polymer for deposit control
  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 137 Non oxidizing bio side quate based
  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 138 Non oxidizing bio side, carbamate based
  • Catalytic 3G AQUA – 139 Bio Dispersent