"My husband and I are very glad we installed the Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus. We have already noticed the difference in our water: coffee tastes better; laundry needs less detergent; turned down the temperature of our hot water heater; no more white stains on our dishes and shower doors; the skin feels softer; the water tastes better and looks clear. Indeed we can vouch that it works."

Ms. Manju Daga, Indore (M.P)

"I was using a water softener because of the dolomitic limestone in the Lansdale water supply. Since installing the Catalytic 3G-AQUA units, I have not used the salt water softener and have better water than before."

Dr. Chhantbar, Gujarat

"Prior to attaching the devices, I had continuous problems with the effects of hard water. Such problems included calcium deposits in the shower, in the bathtub, and in the tea kettle. Also, I had dripping faucets and poor sudsing in the washing machine. after installing the Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus devices, the problems were resolved."

Mr. Vachchhani


Dharam Pal


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