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Water and Process Solutions / Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Filtration with pressure filters featuring various filtration mediums is applied in a wide range of applications during the processes of drinking water treatment, chemical disinfection and during the pH and EC regulation.

Filtration taking place through the filtration bed of pressure filters [known as fine filtration] removes especially turbidity, colloid substances, undesirable colour or odour, microbiological contamination, ammonia ions, iron, manganese from water and it reduces water acidity as well


For the purpose of a proper removal of these substances from water and to obtain the requested quality of output water it is necessary to propose a suitable filtration process. The actual filtration through pressure filters is complemented with aeration, clarification, coagulation, static mixers, disinfection… The kind of the filtration medium used is very important as well.


  • Upper Service Hole
  • Filter Inlet
  • Anthracite Layer
  • Fine Sand Layer
  • Coarse Sand Layer
  • Filter Outlet
  • Gravel Support Layer
  • Filter Element
  • Side Service Hole


Water and Process Solutions / Pressure Sand Filter