Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus has no parts to be replaced, and therefore absolutely no maintenance costs.

No Salt. No Electricity. No Resins. No Chemicals

Catalytic 3G-AQUA are designed for removing Chlorine, lead and soluble heavy metals. They are also used for controlling scale. It is used to Prevention and Elimination of scale.


Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus are designed for removing or reducing Chlorine, iron, lead, mercury and soluble heavy metals. They are also used for Prevention and Elimination of scale, rust, and algae. It is used in a multi-pass water conditioning system on cooling towers has proven effective at controlling scale. The calcium carbonate precipitates out in the aragonite structure.

Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus are used to remove or reduce chlorine for a healthier bath, Improves lathering, Healthier, Younger looking skin, Relief from dry skin, Great for your baby`s bath and Safe for infants, adults, & pets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus are so efficient, they'll actually pull old scale from existing pipework, eliminating it forever! Scale that has formed over years, and years of use will disappear... dissolved by Catalytic 3G-Aqua over a period. Depending on your pipes' condition, it may seem like the softener is not working at first and super-clean pipes for life!

The Purpose Of The Catalytic 3g-Aqua And Catalytic 3g-Aqua Plus

  • Water Saving - up to 40% of irrigation water
  • Improves water absorption in soil and vegetation.
  • Reduces evaporation due to improved absorption
  • Improves germination, soil and crop yields
  • Improves calcium, magnesium and iron availability and absorption in crops resulting in healthier plants, livestock and people.
  • Prevents lime-scale and rust in water systems
  • Removes existing scale, lime and rust in systems without chemicals
  • Reduces iron and manganese precipitation by oxidation
  • Improves taste of hard, brack, sulphuric and chlorinated water
  • Reduces gaseous content of water
  • Inhibits fungus, algae and mildew growth in swimming pools, showers, fountains, animal feed lots, troughs and dairies
  • nvironment friendly Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus uses no chemicals
  • Creates a massive reduction of soil and water pollution.
  • Allows chemical free system cleaning of hot (up to 65 degree callous) and cold water systems
  • Health benefits for plants, animals and people.
  • Energy Saving – Clean heating elements and water systems use less electricity.