Water Softener From Sarkar International. For Soft Water Throughout The Whole House,Industry And Agriculture Land! That's Right! Just One Water Softener For All Your Soft Water Needs!

Soft Water Helps Soap Do Its Job

Soft water lets soap lather and work like it should so you may use less of it. Soft water helps do away with the invisible film which is often left by hard water. It helps keep pores unblocked, and helps your skin resist chapping, itching, and dryness due to trapped dirt and bacteria.


Healthier, Shinier Hair

If you've ever experienced 'drab' hair, or hair coloring that doesn't take or penetrate evenly, chances are you have hard water. Natural water conditioning system helps eliminate these problems. It may also enable you to use lesser quantities of soap, shampoo, and skin care products because it increases the efficiency with which they work.

Soft water is gentle, beautifying and enriching, and means soft, clean skin, and soft, silky hair that is more manageable.

Cleaner Looking, Softer Feeling Laundry

Once again, softened water helps eliminate the dulling 'curd' produced by hard water and may help laundry detergents do their work more efficiently.

Soil is removed more effectively, clothes look brighter, feel softer and last longer because each cleaning actually lets detergents get down to the cloth fibers, removing dirt like they should. You may find you can use less detergent.

Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus reduces the need for replacement of equipment such as hot water cylinders, washing machines, dish washers, kettles, solar systems, air conditioners, pipes, swimming pool pumps, irrigation systems and heating elements damaged by scale and rust.

Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus reduces your expenditure on soaps, pool chemicals, detergents, electricity and the constant replacement of equipment.

Quicker, Easier Housecleaning

With soft water, a quick rinse or once-over wipes and cleans sinks, tubs, shower tiles, and plumbing fixtures - less hard water soap scum to scour and scrub. No more harsh chemicals, either. Floors, windows, and woodwork clean better with soft water, too.

More Efficient, Longer Lasting Plumbing And Appliances

Hard water has an obvious adverse effect on appliances and plumbing systems. It's easiest to see as the rock-hard scale that forms on shower heads, faucets, and humidifiers, but it also builds up rapidly in dishwashers, clothes washers, pipes, and water heaters, decreasing their efficiency and life.

Soft water helps eliminate these problems, so appliances and plumbing systems operate more efficiently, and last longer. Water heaters can consume up to 22% less energy with soft water than with hard water! The Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus device is mounted by a plumber on the outline of the Tank. The effect of the device is instant.

How Is Natural Water Treatment System & Natural Water Conditioning System Different?

Salt-softened water feels 'slimy' and usually doesn't seem to rinse well. Natural Water Treatment System & Natural Water Conditioning System water softener gives you all the benefits of soft water without ever feeling 'slimy' because no salt or other chemicals are ever added to the system. Instead, our system uses an ingenious non-sacrificial catalytic system designed to provide soft water for your entire house for years to come.