Financial Savings

Great savings in energy, equipment replacement, use of chemicals and systems repairs, system down time and labour costs. Requires no electricity or chemicals and no repairs; Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus has no moving parts and is virtually indestructible.

Who Uses Catalytic 3g-Aqua And Catalytic 3g-Aqua Plus

Catalytic 3G-AQUA and Catalytic 3G-AQUA Plus is widely used in different fields like -

  • households
  • hotels
  • farms
  • on sprinklers
  • drippers
  • pumps
  • parks
  • golf courses
  • sports fields
  • nurseries
  • factories
  • industries
  • industrial boilers
  • heat exchangers
  • fountains
  • solar heating systems
  • laundries
  • hospitals
wherever water is used hot or cold for human and animal consumption and in manufacturing processes etc.