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3G Aqua Water Treatment Technology

Benefits for Domestic Purpose

We are Working from 16 years with Redox Technology and we have 22 Years Experienced of Water Industries. We have research this technology when NASA said in their website, We get successful results then we got patent on 2009. This is our Biggest Achievement for us. So we have decided that everyone need to know and use this proved technology for Safety in Domestic, Commercial and Agriculture Use. We have technology for Completely Softening and long life Results. Non Maintenance No Make Shifter No Local Only Certified technology we are providing and we are giving best Results from others. so Don't worry about Decision to use our Products Thanks & Regards

  • Completely Solution from Hair fall & Rough Hair
  • The Skin will never be Dryness % Lifeless, It will be soft
  • The pots will not be white wash
  • Washroom and Kitchen tiles will be safe from Whiteness
  • Soft threads of Clothes will not be light and your expensive Clothes life will be Increase by 40%
  • Your Expensive Plumbing Connection like, Tap, Washvasin, Geaser, Showers etc, will be safe from Salts and Iron Coating
  • Outside soil of your gardens and plants will be safe and never damages, If you use water from our Technology

Advantages of 3G-AQUA plus Treated Water

3G-AQUA plus water for more comfortable living 3G-AQUA plus water is beneficial for every member of your family. It keeps your skin and hair soft and your plumbing free of lime deposits.

  • Having 3G-Aqua plus treated water saves you money. When your water is 3G-Aqua plus treated water, you use much less soap and fewer cleaning products. Your budget will automatically reflect the savings.
  • Your plumbing will last longer. Hard water can cause a build up of scale from mineral deposits. Over time, pipes can clog, water flow can diminish, and water pressure can be reduced. This doesn't happen with 3G-Aqua plus treated water.
  • Your hot water heater will last longer. Scale and lime build-up created by minerals will not take place if your water is 3G-Aqua plus treated water. This adds life to your hot water heater. Also, if you don't have deposits in your hot water heater, it will cost approximately 20% less to heat the water that your family does use. At the end of a year, these savings can really add up.

Why 3G-AQUA plus Treated Water is Beneficial to your Children

  • No more soap build-up on their skin. Skin stays softer and healthier when its natural oils are allowed to remain and aren't covered by a mineral build-up.
  • Less soap is needed to cleanse the skin. This is especially important with younger children. Their skin is usually more delicate and sensitive to the irritants that are found in many soaps and cleaning products. Remember, with 3G-Aqua plus treated water, a little soap or shampoo goes a very long way.
  • Hair is softer and easier to manage when there isn't a build-up of minerals coating it. This means it's easier to brush and de-tangle.

Additional Benefits of 3G-AQUA Plus Treated Water

  • Probably the first thing you'll notice is that you have to purchase a lot less soap. Whether it's dish detergent, shampoo, or laundry soap, you'll use less of it. The reason is because 3G-Aqua plus treated water has greater washing power. You can use less and get superior results. Normally, you will find that you can use 1/2 to 2/3 less soap with the same or even better results.
  • Your clothes last longer and remain brighter longer if they are washed in 3G-Aqua plus treated water. The reason is that normal water leaves mineral particles in the weave of most fabrics. This causes them to look dull. Also, your washing machine will last longer, too, because it won't be subject to a build-up of minerals and deposits.
  • Rings and stains won't darken your bathroom fixtures.
  • Glasses and dishes won't streak.
  • Scrubbing floors and tile will be easier and faster because you won't have the film and soap scum that hard water creates.
  • Your skin is softer when you bathe with 3G-Aqua plus treated water. You will leave your bath or shower feeling refreshed with your skin feeling truly clean. Also, rough, dry skin will naturally diminish.
  • If you color your hair, it will keep its radiance longer if it is washed in 3G-Aqua plus treated water.
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