Water Treatment System for Farms and Agriculture the 21st Century

The maintenance-free Agro Aqua Water Treatment System installed in-line on the main line or a secondary water delivery line from your well or municipal water system can deliver clean and chemical free conditioned water to any part of farm or agricultural facility.

Agro Aqua Water Treatment System for treatment of water in homes, swimming pools, for garden irrigation, agricultural and horticultural irrigation.

Use your agro aqua water treatment system to solve problems with salt [salinity], high levels of calcium, magnesium and iron, hardness and lime-scaling.

A Agro Aqua water treatment system from Catalytic 3G-AQUA will last a lifetime, requires no power or maintenance - and they don't require electricity.

The patented is a high-purity, noble and semi-noble metals-based alloys that treat water through special Redox mechanism. The technology creates an electro-chemical reaction which transfers electrons between molecules and efficiently clears all harmful elements and returns Soft Water.

By using Improved Natural Water Treatment System, we are able to modify the crystal structure of the scale compound (calcium carbonate), changing it from calcite to aragonite. so that they no longer behave like salts. Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement, and sodium [other elements and salts] lose their ability to bind to the soil particles.

Water stress, stunted growth, leaf-burn and salt build-up are reduced considerably and often prevented entirely with agro aqua water.

Please Note: This unit does not remove anything from the water, it does not require any electricity, chemicals or maintenance.

Listed below are some of the BENEFITS of the Agro Aqua Water Treatment System .

  • Prevents and eliminates hard water scale and corrosion on all water related equipment from pivotal spray pads to sprinkler heads, irrigation pumps, and water lines.
  • Improves percolation and eliminates standing water in your fields by breaking up hard- pan soil layers. Soil profiles are improved. Anaerobic layers are improved or eliminated. Water use is reduced as much as 20% along with associated pumping and water delivery costs.
  • Reduces electrical bills by reducing water usage.
  • Crops and trees are able to tolerate higher sodium concentrations than would normally be expected. Better hydration and soil nutrient intake can increase crop yield.
  • Increases fine root growth, which allows the plant better water and nutrient intake and making the plant more health.
  • Reduces heat stress on plants
  • Increase nutrient content in produce
  • Plants and seeds germinate sooner and more completely.
  • The need for gypsum and acid is reduced or eliminated.
  • With better nutrient intake allows less need for fertilizers.
  • Reduce pesticide and herbicide usage because of the plant being more healthy.
  • Consistently dissolves impurities from soil with each irrigation.
  • Hard water spotting and overall maintenance to walls, walks, fences, farm equipment or any other surface that comes into water contact, is reduced.
  • May improves the taste of water especially if hydrogen sulfide or chlorination is in the water delivery system. Higher considerations may require additional equipment.
  • Savings in labor, equipment replacement and repairs, can pay for the Agro Aqua and result in an improved Profit & Loss performance to your entire operation.

All systems are built around the our patented Redox (Oxidation-Reduction) Technology and offer salt free, chemical free, environmentally safe and healthy conditioning water as an alternative to salt and potassium systems. Water that is not otherwise contaminated or compromised can be safely purged from our system into drains, sewers, and onto plants or in animal.

Agricultural/Irrigation Applications

Agro Aqua Water Treatment System has many special benefits for sprinkling and irrigation, beyond the reduced maintenance from scale elimination.

Agro Aqua Water Treatment System can:
  • Reduce Water Usage 10-30%
  • Reduce Fertilizer Usage 30-50%
  • Eliminate Wetting Agents with an increase or no reduction in irrigation effectiveness.

This water is beneficial to golf courses, produce farms, field crops, parks and cemeteries, athletic fields, and all lawns.

Agro Aqua Water Treatment System reduces the surface tension of water, making it more soluble. All chemicals are utilized more effectively because of this increased solubility. This allows a sharp reduction in the amount of fertilizer required to provide needed nutrition.

The ability of treated water to dissolve minerals available in both the soil and the water enhances the nutrient levels in the soil available to the root system. Changing calcium silicate to calcium carbonate allows for better penetration of the membranes of the plant.

Agro Aqua Water Treatment System eliminates the need to use wetting agents because of the reduction in surface tension, which allows the water to penetrate the soil more deeply and quickly. A deeper, thicker root system provides better growth. Agro Aqua water spreads through the ground more uniformly, eliminating puddling caused by over-watering an area to eliminate dry spots. Improved germination is an additional benefit.

Finally, the elimination of scale in the distribution system and sprinkler heads will greatly reduce overall maintenance requirements.

Agro Aqua (Agricultural Crop Booster)

Benefits That Work For You!

  • Dramatically Increases Crop Yields (40% Reported)
  • Substantially Increases Profits, Faster To Market
  • Cuts Fertilizer Costs, Reduces Chemical Needs
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Users Report Water & Energy Use Reduced 40%
  • Eliminates Scale Build-Up
  • Never Wears Out, No Moving Parts
  • Easy To Install, Lifetime Warranty

The Agro Aqua Agricultural Crop Booster increases growth and improves the quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers and field crops.

Agro Aqua Agricultural Crop Booster Benefits

  • Increased Root Growth due to increased absorption of the dissolved minerals and nutrients mean high yields and higher profit.
  • Soil holds moisture longer encouraging overall growth and saving water costs.
  • Water conservation equals less man hours, less maintenance, and less energy required to pump and irrigate.
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency means less chemical costs: the fertilizer is more readily absorbed by the plant and is not wasted in run-off water.
  • The de-scaling of piping and clogged water jets improves efficiency, saves maintenance time, extends the life of the irrigation system and saves money.
  • Low-cost equipment and lifetime warranty of the Agro Aqua Agricultural Crop Booster mean time and money saved with bigger and better crops.

Case Study

Using the Agro Aqua, attached to a single garden hose, this lemon tree was only watered during the dry season, twice weekly for approximately six months. The other four citrus trees in the same location, another lemon and three orange trees (approximate same age), were also watered but without the Agro Aqua water.

The quality of the fruit is that of a larger lemon than the ordinary lemon found in the commercial market. The color and aroma are succinctly more pronounced. The juice expresses itself into the periphery of the fruit. As you cut open this lemon, a powerful aroma spreads throughout the surrounding area. These are indeed really true bright yellow, larger than ordinary, succulent lemons.

It should be noted that neither of the trees received any fertilizers or special care and that all five trees are at the same location within less than 30 feet of each other. The "Agro Aqua Crop Booster" lemon tree had considerably more blossoms and signs of extreme growth after six months.

None of the trees have been watered since the beginning of the rainy season this past November. At the beginning of the dry season, this tree has over 500 lemons on it. Some of them are clumped together in bunches of eight and ten... never before seen like this. The control tree has less than 75 lemons, and the three orange trees about the same.

Surprisingly enough and quite unbelievable, the "Agro Aqua Crop Booster" tree is starting a second growing season with hundreds of new blossoms beginning to sprout even before the first crop has been picked.

Finally, this tree is so heavy with lemons that is is almost falling over and many lemons had to be prematurely picked to lighten the weight bearing down on its branches. It also should be noted that the leaf color and "color" of the tree and lemons are much brighter and of a healthier,fuller looking growth than the others by far. (Photos attached show the difference)

Irrigation... more crop per drop


Agro Aqua treated water for all irrigation purposes

Not only is AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) continuing to solve hard water problems, but recent studies have proven that AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is able to substantially lower salinity in the soil - Patents Pending.

Crops are being grown and are doing well on water which is normally considered unsuitable for irrigation.

In fact AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is succeeding in making the impossible... possible.

Likewise, when you install a AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), you can look forward to solving your water problems and improving water and soil quality.

Water penetrates the soil faster

AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) treated water penetrates the soil faster. What this means to you is less evaporation and less water usage - up to 20% in some cases.

AGRO AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Benefits

  • Lowers salinity in the soil
  • Water penetration is improved
  • Reduces water usage
  • Encourages plant and crop growth, greater yields
  • Reduces leaf burn
  • Less fertilizers required
  • Reduced the effects of salts and minerals in all water
  • Stops scale and corrosion of water systems
  • Drip irrigation lines stay clean
  • Ball valves and taps operate smoothly
  • Inhibits algae growth, stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner
  • Provides a more useable water supply

Reduced Scale Build Up

Irrigating with hard water for residential, turf or agricultural purposes causes scale encrustations on spray heads, emitters, valves and irrigation equipment.

Hard water produces a layer of hard pan which acts as a barrier for water struggling to saturate the soil.

Irrigation equipment will need to be replaced more frequently.

Over spray from irrigation equipment leads to a white chalky deposit on buildings and sidewalks.