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3G Aqua Plus Anti scaling water Softening device - for domestic use as, Flat, House, Farm House, Society, ETC- For Calcium, Magnesium and normal Hardness. Benefits for Domestic Purpose
1- Completely Solution from Hair fall & Rough Hair
2- The Skin will never be Dryness % Lifeless, It will be soft
3- The pots will not be white wash
4- Washroom and Kitchen tiles will be safe from Whiteness
4- Soft threads of Clothes will not be light and your expensive Clothes life will be Increase by 40%
5- Your Expensive Plumbing Connection like, Tap, Washvasin, Geaser, Showers etc, will be safe from Salts and Iron Coating
Outside soil of your gardens and plants will be safe and never damages, If you use water from our Technology.